Is 88E About to Deliver a Game Changing Farm Out?

Feb 06, 2018

2018 is quickly shaping up to be a busy year of purposeful activity for 88E, with a number of share price catalysts set to play out in the not-so-distant future.

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MPE Drilling Now: Results Imminent From US$6BN Potential Gas Resource

Nov 27, 2017

Magnum Gas and Power (ASX:MPE) has mobilised the drill rig and is drilling as we speak at its Tulainyo 2-7 gas appraisal well in California’s Sacramento Basin.

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AOW Could Double its Oil Reserves With Latest Acquisition

Nov 08, 2017

With a significant war chest in its possession, American Patriot (ASX:AOW) is quickstepping towards its long-term goal to build a significant producing business.

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The Countdown Begins: ASX Stock Days Away from Drilling US$6BN Potential Gas Resource

Oct 04, 2017

Magnum Gas and Power (ASX:MPE) is set to spud the Tulainyo-2 appraisal well by mid-October — just few days away.

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Is RLE Getting Ready to Supply Much Needed Gas to the East Coast?

Sep 19, 2017

Real Energy’s (ASX:RLE) focus is on its Tamarama-1 well at its Windorah Gas Project, which since June this year has produced results that have been key steps in RLE’s efforts to commercialise the project.

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AOW Swoops on Distressed Texan Oil Seller: Proven Oil Reserves Secured

Sep 14, 2017

American Patriot (ASX:AOW) has embarked on an acquisition spree aimed at distressed assets that it hopes will net it a significant producing business, reaching 3,000 BOPD by 2019.

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Audacious ASX Micro Cap to Drill Potential US$6BN Gas Resource

Aug 28, 2017

There’s something undeniably appetite-whetting about the combination of sheer grit, blue sky aspiration, and a formidably high-stakes play for speculative investors.

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SGC’s Natural Gas Drilling is Underway: Confirms Four Gas Zones in Sacramento Basin

Aug 23, 2017

‘Discovery Thinking’ has led Sacgasco Limited (ASX: SGC) to identify the huge overlooked natural gas potential in California’s world-class Sacramento Basin.

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AOW Acquires Producing Oil & Gas Reserves: More Acquisitions to Come

Aug 08, 2017

Good things come to those who wait, as the nineteenth-century adage goes. Today’s ASX micro-cap, American Patriot (ASX: AOW), would wholeheartedly agree as it comes into its own as an oil and gas producer.

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Is an ASX Junior Sitting on a Multi-Trillion Natural Gas Resource?

Jul 05, 2017

Sacgasco (short for the Sacramento Gas Company; ASX: SGC) is a junior gas explorer with a very simple market strategy. In this article, we’ll be running through SGC’s hydrocarbon arsenal, and gauging its chances of striking gas soon…

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Amid the East Coast Gas Crisis, RLE Strike Deal with Santos

May 15, 2017

The East Coast gas supply crisis is driving gas prices up, with prices forecast to increase substantially from current levels. But what can be done to mitigate what could be an economic disaster. This gas shortage crisis has been all over the news lately, especially following Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement that gas exports would be […]

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Can 88E Unlock the World’s Next Multi-Billion Barrel Oil Play?

May 02, 2017

Can the multi-billion barrel ‘potential’ at Project Icewine be transformed into commercial flow rates over the coming months? That is the question on 88 Energy (LSE | ASX: 88E) investors’ minds now that the company has begun drilling what could be a truly transformational well – the Icewine #2 production test well.

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LSE Stock to Rise as Helium Approaches Supply Cliff?

Apr 05, 2017

You may not read about it often, but the gas that makes your voice go higher, delivering so many laughs at kids’ birthday parties, is actually part of a $6 billion global industry in revenue terms. We are talking about helium.

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UJO on Track to Drill Two Fully Funded Conventional Wells in 2017

Mar 20, 2017

Oil exploration, as well as oil production, is all about timing. Drilling for a productive source of crude oil requires extensive preparation, sifting through geological assessments and as many oil sector investors also know, a bit of luck.

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In the Coming Days, this $8M Capped ASX Stock is Spudding a Well in an Oil Hot Spot

Dec 08, 2016

One $8M capped oil and gas producer and explorer is just a few days away from spudding a well offering near term production potential in a highly prolific onshore hydrocarbon region of Indonesia. The low cost Amanah Timur-1 well is scheduled to spud around the 12th December on an underexplored block that is on trend with major oil fields in the region.

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AOW to Acquire US Production Assets with a Potential Value of $153M

Nov 08, 2016

Mission almost accomplished: The pending acquisition of private oil company JMD/Entrada Energy by American Patriot Oil & Gas (ASX:AOW) is nearing completion with shareholder approval scheduled for early December.

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Large Perth Basin Holding for Micro Cap ASX Stock: M&A Appeal?

Oct 26, 2016

Welcome to the Wild West, a land rich in entrepreneurship and natural resources where many a gas or oil company has come to test their luck. Like any good Western, there are the lily-livers who never try, the losers who end up left (literally) in the dust, and the hero who braves a new frontier right on the border of civilisation and the wilderness.

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Cracker-jack British Bulldog AIMs for Oil Windfall

Oct 24, 2016

This AIM listed oil opportunity could see investors board the Britannia onshore oil market, a small but hot market niche that’s now offering what could be seen as a ‘politically-motivated’ investment opportunity, and what we think house some handsome risk-reward ratios.

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