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PVD: Offshore African Oil Steal

09/04/2014 - This does not add up. How can a company be valued at just $56 million – when it boasts: $27 million cash in hand, and; Be free carried to a value of USD $215 million worth of deep water drilling in the next 12 months, targeting 1.5 billion barrels of  Continue Reading »

Surprise US $ 36M Deal Blindsides Market

13/03/2014 - Surprise! Swala Energy (ASX:SWE) just announced US$36 million in funding – we didn’t even know they were trying… This surprise agreement was struck with an as yet unnamed party – covering all past costs plus a free carry through seismic and two optional wells. The unnamed party will receive a  Continue Reading »
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CTR and Reservoir Gods Get Set for the “Big Reveal”

24/02/2014 - The Atzam #5 oil well is in full swing. And the drill bit is heading deep below right now. As low as 1,250 ft and zeroing in on 2,700 ft – where the primary reservoir targets will be first hit.  As soon as 1,700 ft the initial reservoir targets will  Continue Reading »
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International Oil Powerbroker Joins COD

13/02/2014 - It’s been a few months since we first alerted readers to the leveraged, small cap Ukrainian oil and gas play that is Cossack Energy (ASX:COD). From November 2013, our original report ‘Information is Power: Junior Oil Explorer Uncovers Long Lost Drilling Documents and Outsmarts Oil Super Majors in Race for  Continue Reading »
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Junior oiler gearing up to drill a giant Guatemalan oil kitchen… and will puncture the behemoth reservoir in just days…

12/12/2013 - Positive share price catalysts don’t get much closer than this… And junior oil explorers who are also PRODUCING don’t get more undervalued than this. This $15 million market cap junior is currently generating cash flow from a producing oil well. They are also just about to start drilling a hotly  Continue Reading »

Shock deal sees tiny oil explorer secure almost never ending funding…

11/12/2013 - An unknown $14 million ASX-listed minnow doesn’t just get a free shot at drilling billion barrel fields in a highly prospective oil region right next door to existing infrastructure…right? This is a region where billion barrel discoveries have been made in the past, and this tiny company has secured a  Continue Reading »
Rey Resources

50 shades of REY – which energy giant just farmed into the Canning Basin?

11/12/2013 - There’s been lots of movement in the Canning Basin since we revealed Rey Resources (ASX: REY) as the ‘mystery third man’ on the Fitzroy Blocks – and now the word is well and truly being passed around. Our original report backed REY as a long term investment and since we  Continue Reading »

Will this junior oil explorer’s share price keep doubling?

10/12/2013 - Swala Energy (ASX:SWE) is up over 150% since we introduced the story to our readers… and it is rising fast. SWE is starting to register on the radar of many new investors following constant multiple giant oil discoveries right near their blocks in Kenya and their extremely encouraging seismic results  Continue Reading »

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