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TANGIERS Drilling Now on Potential 1.6BN Barrel Block… Targets Just Days Away

16/07/2014 - It’s show time. TANGIERS Petroleum Limited (ASX:TPT, AIM:TPET) has spudded its TAO-1 exploration oil well off the shores of Morocco. TANGIERS are just days away from reaching their first target and getting a first indication of how much oil is lurking below. TANGIERS have a 25% share of the Tarfaya  Continue Reading »

Asset Sale to Spark Bidding War Frenzy?

02/07/2014 - The Next Oil Rush has been alerted to a near term opportunity. If all goes to plan, we are hoping for some significant share price growth within weeks, or even a special one off dividend payout or a share buy back… This opportunity suits our investment strategy – you need  Continue Reading »

SWE Reveals Mystery US$ 36M JV Partner – Now Circling Multiple Oil Leads…

01/07/2014 - The mystery partner has been revealed. In March 2014 Swala Energy (ASX:SWE) revealed they had agreed on terms with a farm in partner for their Block 12B in Kenya, pending government approval. This new partner is now paying the bills, plus SWE will get money back from past exploration costs  Continue Reading »
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Guess Who’s Back? COD Raises $2.5M and Snares New Gas Play in Poland

09/06/2014 - Let’s be blunt. Political unrest in Ukraine has demolished Cossack Energy’s (ASX:COD) share price. Being long term investors in COD, we have worn the share price weakness that has been brought on by this instability. You can’t get them all correct… but we are still very bullish on COD given  Continue Reading »
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$ 20M to $ 5.6BN: Can He Do It Again? Multiple Catalysts In Weeks

25/05/2014 - Young entrepreneurs are flocking to the US shale revolution to make their fortunes. Crusty old Texas oil barons are now welcoming fresh faced, upstart millenials to the game – a new breed of aspiring wildcatters, landmen, engineers, investors, entrepreneurs and future oil barons and are setting up shop across the  Continue Reading »

Drilling Just Weeks Away for Tiny Explorer Targeting 1.6 Billion Barrels of Oil

19/05/2014 - A 20% chance to make 100 times our money? Even by oil exploration standards that is pretty impressive – This kind of opportunity suited our investment strategy, you need to decide whether it suits yours. We have done all the reading, crunched the numbers and made an investment in this  Continue Reading »

International Feeding Frenzy in Australia’s Hottest Shale Gas Region Puts Undervalued Junior on M&A Radar

14/05/2014 - The tipping point for Australia’s shale gas boom is here. The yanks are coming and Queensland’s Cooper Basin is target number one. “It ticks most of the boxes for a successful unconventional gas development,” says Houston-based energy investment firm Tudor Pickering Holt. “One of the most likely, near term, commercial  Continue Reading »
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US $65M Farm In Deal Secured in East African Oil Hot Spot

22/04/2014 - Vast fortunes have been made recently in the race to find East Africa’s next big oil prize. Tullow sold part of its Ugandan assets to Total and CNOOC for $2.9 billion. Thai PTT beat Shell with a $1.8 billion bid for Cove and its East African acreage. The Next Oil  Continue Reading »

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